Dear readers,

I have been blogging for about 2 months now and have been regularly updating my blog. I have got a lot of visitors but none seems to leave any comment. Why is it so? It takes only a minute or two to type in a comment. Cant anyone spare 2 minutes for this?

If i wrote something wrong or if i made a mistake, you can comment on it. Keep me informed on how you feel about my blog. That way i can keep doing what i do now.

I know its not the best blog or that its from a pro. But i'm trying here. Please help me out guys.

With love and respect


francis said...

U give something worthwhile for people to think, reflect and act upon your thinking. Then they will comment.

However gud job. Keep doing it.


Anonymous said...

I give a comment just 4 U..nice blog U have!

Amith said...

I have been a regular reader of ur blog. I have got a lot of information from ur blog.

So this post ( Why isnt there any comments? ) made me very sad..and in future i will comment on ur posts