Leaving to HIET

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am leaving to chennai to study in HIET(Hindustan College Of Engineering & Technology). I'll be leaving today evening and will reach there tomorow early morning.I dont know when i'll be able to access the net. I'll try to update info as soon as i find a way to get into the net. Until then its bye

Info on the college:

I also got a magazine from HHMI today. I had recieved DVDs (http://ihelpothers.blogspot.com/2008/04/free-educational-dvd-from-hhmi.html ) from HHMI before.You can order a lot of educational dvds which has videos, lectures etc from their site.
Visit http://www.hhmi.org/catalog/main?action=home to order yours.

Today i got a football from candyman, a chocolate company.I got after earning enough points from http://www.mycandymanclub.com/ I was thinking of ordering a bad but was not able to and i had to order the football. You too can get one. Just visit http://www.mycandymanclub.com/ and play games and if your wise enough you'll find a trick to get points without even staying in front of the pc ;)