Yahoo is very famous. Everyone knows about yahoo, their yahoo messenger, yahoo mail etc etc. Just like google, yahoo too have various services. I am writing a post on what i feel about yahoo mail. I'm not an expert in this and if I'm wrong then let it be. Don't believe me or what i have typed below. This is my blog. So i' supposed to type in what i find.

I have been using yahoo mail from the time i got my net. That was when i was in 3rd grade. Now i finished 12th grade. So i guess this time was enough for me to know a lot about computers and internet. My first mail id was from yahoo. And i have been using it since then, even though i had to new accounts now and then as i forgot my password.

Now time has changed and things also have changed. I don't use yahoo mail as i used to. The only use i find with my yahoo id is for yahoo messenger which i think is the best. But yahoo mail is not my personal favourite anymore. Now i use google's gmail which i think is the best. Not too shiny or stylish and not too complicated. But it does it job pretty well.

The problem i find with yahoo mail is that, it doesnt seem to find spams as spams. Where as gmail is really good at this.

Gmail's spam is yahoo's inbox. I'm not joking. If i dont open my yahoo mail for 2-3 days, the next time i open, i'll find about 20-30 spam mails in my inbox.
This is a screenshot of my inbox. There isnt lots of spam in my inbox, but believe me if i dont check my mail for 2-3days, there is going to be a lot the next time i log in.

Where does all these spam mails come from. Well that is actually stupidity from my part.
When i was a kid, i saw a site that provided free phones and other stuff if i provide my email id. I believed it and gave my email address to every site and since then i have been getting lots and lots of spam.

Anyway i think yahoo is weak on identifying spam mails where google excels. Google hasnt allowed a single spam to enter my inbox.

But google's strong spam protection has its drawbacks. Some of my mails has been accidently send to the spam box. But i didnt have a big problem with this as such. I just have to check my spam box once in a week or so. Thats all.

As i said. This is no professional review and this may not be the case with everyones inbox. Maybe it because i gave my mail id to everyone i am having this trouble. Or maybe its something else. But still, i posted what i think is true.

Now some maybe asking why i am still using a yahoo id. The answer is simple. Its because of the pretty cool and awesome yahoo messenger. From morning to night i use this. I keep in contact with everyone through this.

So yahoo has its pros and cons. Do a little research before you create a new mail id.

Check out the scorecard which i found in another site which took this from a laptop magazine: