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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look at some of the pics of a stray cat that i took. The cat seemed to like to pose for the pics. Very nice. Isn't it?
Click to enlarge the pics.

Remember the post for free shell 2008 sticker ( We'll mine just arrived today by airmail. Its different from the previous stickers.
Here is what i got:

Yep, the most awaited Service Pack for XP has been released. Its available for download ( free ofcourse ) at the Micro$oft site. XP OS was a big it when it was launched. It ran easily on computer which were made for Windows 98/2000. And it had no compatibility problem unlike Vista. I used XP for quite some time before i moved to vista. I bought a new PC which was vista compatible and never used XP since. Even though Vista is my favourite because of it style, looks and friendliness, i still like XP. The release of SP3 for XP shows that its still abudant out there.

One of the amazing thing is that, when tests where conducted, computer with XP SP3 outran Vista in speed tests. Does that mean XP is now more faster than Vista?

Well you'll have to find that yourself, because speed also depends on ur hardware. If u have a high-end system, both XP and Vista is going to run smoothly. The third service pack for Windows XP, reportedly gives the venerable OS a near 10 percent performance boost.

Still, i'm not expert in this. if you want to know more, google for it. You are going to find plenty of sites talking about XP SP3. But i can still give you the link to download them.

Download XP SP3( Direct microsoft link )

Download from Softpedia


Atlast all my entrance exams are over. Overall I wrote three exams. One was the Kerala Entrance Exams and the second was Karunya Entrance Examination and the third and the final one was AIEEE. All except Kerala was easy. And i hope i get good results in any one of the exams i wrote. If any one is reading this blog please do pray for me.
Today there was bloggers meet in my city. I wanted to attend it but could not because of the exam. But one of my friend managed to get in. Hope he'll tell me what happend. I have also asked him to take some pictures. If he does, i'll be posting them here.
Anyway...I'll be blogging almost all the time from now onwards. I hope you guys will co-operate with me.

Classes for the new SSLC batch will start this may. I was once in 10 ( its hard to imagine,i know ), and i know the difficulties that one face. One is mental stress. You dont know what is going to happen. Second is how to answer the questions that is going to appear for the exams.
Believe it or not the net can help you a lot for SSLC. There are lots of softwares and sites specially created to help the students.
I did a little research on my own and guess what i've found. All the links given below has been verified by me and it works.

The first link i'm going to mention contains all the question papers from 1995-1998. The files can be downloaded as pdf or it can be viewed as html. if you dont have a pdf viewer you can download it for free from this site:

After you have downloaded Adobe Reader go to the link goven below:

The second link is somewhat wierd. But it can help you do practicals. Its actually a software called Genius Maker and it can help you with drawings and conversion. I have given a screenshot of it below. I suggest you download it:

I checked it personally and its virus free( scanned with Kaspersky Internet Security ) and it works well in Vista. So it should work in XP too.So click 'Genius Maker' to get started.

Genius Maker

Next is a Kerala government site. This site contains 'Padavukal'. Its a book containing questions that may appear for the exam with details on how mark is provided to the answer and how to write the answer if such a question comes. All the teachers may be using it. So i advice that everyone download it.


Its true. Your favourite blogger wont be blogging for a few day. I'l be back after 3 or 4 days. Dont worry. I'll wont stop blogging. Its because i have enrance exams (both AIEEE and Karunya Entrance ). So i'l be a little bit busy.

Anyone wanted to shift from eating meat to veggies? If anyone does, PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) will help you start. Yep, PETA is giving away a kit which is packed full of recipes, tips on making the switch, and much more.

You can order a kit for yourself or for one of your friends or you can even download it directly from the net.

So why dont you try being a vegetarian. Click the link below to start

FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit

Microsoft yesterday released updates for the beautiful dreamscene and two soundschemes for vista.

Dreamscene content pack contains three beautiful videos. Better than the previous ones. I have taken screenshots and have provided them below. Take a look at it and if u like them get them via windows update

Now about the sound. When i went to my sound settings i found two ultimate extra sounds. One is the ultimate extras glass and the other is ultimate extra pearl. I have checked them out and there isnt much of a difference except that some of the sounds that are in pearl isnt in glass. But its good because in pearl whenever you maximize you screen you get a sound which gets annoying after sometime.

So if you want them update your windows now.

I almost forgot about this. This was one of the first free stuff i got. Its good for all those who cares about their beauty.

Beauty Balance offers you free skin type analysis kit. It uses CuDerm's patented skin testers to provide instant online analysis.

When you get the sample, follow the procedure given in it. Go to their site. Thier you'll have to do some matching and they'l tell you whats wrong with your skin, what your skin type is, is it too much oily or dry and what you have to do to take care of it ad etc etc

So for all those beauty concious guys. Check it out:


Yes, you can get FREE MOVIE on DVD it is not some ineffective workout or gardening video that most of you do not want. It will be one of the currently better placed movies on Amazon's Movies & TV bestsellers list!

Yep. This one is my latest find. It offers free..DVDs of some of the latest movies. But theres a catch.
You just cant order it. Actually you can. But not like the others.

Theres a counter which shows some percentage. When it reaches 100% and your the first to notice it, you can order. You have to make sure you find it. Because if someone else finds, you aint gonna get it.

Sometimes the counter may be upto 1 - 2 percent everyhour or maybe 20% suddenly. You'll never know. I Am Legend is now up for grabs. When i was writing this blog the counter showed 27.82 percentage.

Shipping is free and it ships wherever amazon ships. So i guess they and amazon have some kind of deal. Anyway its free and thats all what matters to me. So check it out:

Oh Free Movies

Its a day of joy and great happiness to any students like me. Kerala Entrance Exam 2008 is over. Two days of intense worries and hardwork( not me ofcourse) has ended. Now all i have to worry about in All India Entrance Examination (AIEEE) and Karunya Entrance. To tell the truth i have no faith in any of these exams. But if i dont get a good result in any of this, i aint gonna get a seat in any good institution.

I ask these institutions. Why do they need entrance exams? Do they know how hard it is and what all goes through our mind when we hear that entrance exam is coming. What about those students who are great in one field while he may be weak in other subjects. This is not fair.

Those who dont get entrance have to pay lakhs of ruppes as donation to get a seat and after that we have to pay another lakh as tution fee. Then extra money to get books and other stationary items.

Its all about money and nothing else. Amrita Institution ( a very famous one) collected the question paper from the students after writing from entrance. Students have started to think wether its worth writing it. Their reason:They collected the question paper so that students cant verify how much they have got and so these institutions can say anyhting and the students cant prove that they have got so and so marks. So Amrita can give seat for money and not for students with merit.

WTF...Now say wether its fair.But ofcourse, I dont know wether this is the actual reason. If not wjy arent they saying why they collected them. They have no use with it.

So why entrance?

Today was the first exam( Paper 1-Physics and Chemistry ) of Kerala Entrance Exam. Whew!!What an exam it was. It was for the first time that i had taken the whole 2 and a half hours to write an entrance. But i didnt do much. All that i could do was just mark 25 bubbles of which i'm sure that 5 are correct. The rest..hmm...hope God helps me out.

There were students who thought it was easy where as many others said it was tough. But I guess it was because they didnt study( By the way, I too belong to this category).

Now tomorow I have Mathematics. Hope i'l doo great( God Help Me ). Wish me all the best guys.

Jai Hind

Is it a warez site or something else?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

As usuall.I was just traversing throught the net when i came upon this site.It looked very formal.
I thought it was a site like softpedia or something like that.There were different categories with tons of softwares.

I found kaspersky internet security 8.So i checked it out.And guess what, it was actually a warez site.

They had like the coolest and the latest softwares.And the best part is that its all free. Ofcourse
it illegal to download warez.

The site title is " - Software News & Download". Its really an amazing site if you want to know about the softwares and how the users rate them.

The homepage shows all the latest softwares added.Then it shows the most commented,most rated,top software news and also the recent softwares news. The site is sleek without much ads and without any adult content that you usally find in other warez site.

I would never encourage others to download warez and as my blog is about the things i find in the net..i'm writing about it. I mentioned the name of the site purely for educational purpose.

If you like any softwares you find, you should buy them so as to encourage developers to create new and updated softwares for us. Say no to warez.

Yep.Its true.You get paid for clicking on ads.This service is provided by dont know wether it works or not because i have just started an account in it.But going through the testimonials would make anyone believe its true.There are testimonals on a girl who got to visit Korea just by the money from and another girl who got $22000.Its look genuine.I did a little research on the net.And everything says it works.

Besides clicking on ads it also works based on referals.So the link i'm giving below is refering to me.So please do use it.Atleast i can check wether it works(and also earn some money).

For creating an account in you must have an account in AlertPay.Its free for personal send oney to AlertPay from where we can withdraw our money.

I have just started an account.Lets see what is gonna offer. AlertPay

Its a talk of the town today.All the newpapers and tv ads are bloated with ads of IPL where crores and crores of money are spent on many international player to get them to play for a team.
India One-day and Twenty20 captain MS Dhoni was sold for USD 1.5 million, the highest bid so far at the on-going Indian Premier League auctions in Mumbai. Dhoni was bought by Team Chennai.

The first two rounds of auction are over. Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lanka drew the next biggest bid, of USD 975,000 from Mumbai.

Top Australian players Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist also drew some big bids. Warne was sold to Jaipur for USD 450,000 which was his base price.

Gilchrist was sold to Hyderabad for USD 700,000.

IPL may have surprises in store for us.For example,everyone is curious to know how Harbajan and Symonds is going to get along.
Harbhajan Singh has been bought by Mumbai for a huge USD 850,000. It is learnt that Mumbai may try and get Andrew Symonds on board.

Symonds and Harbhajan have a history of on-field flare-ups, and things will get interesting if the two play for the same team.

The first match started today at the Chinaswamy stadium in Banglore where Kolkata knight Riders fought against Banglore Royal Challenger.And what a game it was.
Brendon McCullum scored an astonishing 158.The highest individual score in T20.He won 2lakh rupees in this game.One lakh for the most sixes award.he scored 13 sixes out of the total 14 and the next one lakh for the best player.

For more information check the IPL website where there are latest news,pictures,videos and even some contests which may take you to the upcoming oplympics.


My sister gave me some of here photos recently and asked me to make a video out of it.As i am very kind and loving ()i decided to do it for my sister.
I made one using Ulead Video studio 11 and windows movie maker.Creating a video in movie maker is rather easy.There isnt much you have to know before using it.But the features are limited.But still you have many things you can use just to create one for fun.
Why dont you check out the video and comment on it.Tell me how it is:

Click to see video

Many experienced bloggers may already know about this.So this is for all the beginners like me.
Blogging can get you some revenue.I'm not joking.There are reports of bloggers earning $150,000 just through blogging.So heres how it works.
There are different comanies out there that are just trying to put as many ads as possible in the net.They want their product ad to appear anywhere and everywhere.So they ask $$$ companies like google etc to show their ads.And what does google and other such organisations do.They pay people with their own site for providing space in their site to add ads.You just have to sign up with such firms and paste a code they provide to your site or blog.
Whenever a reader clicks on these ads,you get paid.
I'l list down some firms which provide you money.All of them might not work for everyone.But try..So happy monetizing your blog!

Text Link Ads - The leader in paid text link ads.
LinkWorth - Keep up to 70% of the ad revenue.
Text Link Brokers - Make money buy selling links in a directory on your site.
Live Customer - Static HTML ads with flat monthly rates.
LinkAdage - Matches advertisers with publishers
Direct-Link-Ads - Keep up to 75% of the ad revenue.
PaidTextLinks - A smaller text link program.
AdSter - Customize your ads to match your website.
Vibrant Media - Vibrant in-text advertising.


Google AdSense - The industry leader.
Yahoo Publisher Network - Yahoo’s AdSense alternative.
Kanoodle - A second-tier PPC option as opposed to Google and Yahoo.
Ads-Click - You set the price per click for ads showing on your site.
AdBrite - Control and customization options.
BidVertiser - Large network PPC program.
Clicksor - Contextual ads program.
Qads - Ad program from Qumana.
RevenuePilot - Keep 60% of the revenue.
Search Feed - Another option for targeted PPC ads.
Targetpoint - For publishers of all sizes.
OneMonkey - Keep 80% of the revenue.
Miva MC - PPC ads plus the option for contextual PPD ads.
ClickBooth - Claims to have the highest payout in the industry.

Banner Ads

AdEngage - Banner ads which are different

Parked Domains

Revenue Direct - Make money from a parked domain.
Parked - Another option for parked domains.

RSS Feed Monetization

Pheedo - PPC for RSS feeds.
Feedvertising - Runs text link ads in your feed.
FeedBurner Ads - If you use FeedBurner’s services for distributing and tracking your feeds, you also have the option of using their advertising services in your feeds.
FeedShow - Puts PPC ads into your feed.
Yahoo Publisher Network - PPC ads in your feeds.

If your fed up using the default windows wallpapers and other boring wallpapers from the net,then this site is for you. Awesome flash based site with wallpapers with resolutions ranging from 800x600 to 1900x1200 and may be even higher.
And these wallapapers are real good to.With nice graphics and all.
If your PC can support high resolution then you have to download some from this site.


I own a reat looking Motoming A1200.I have been using it for a year now.At first it was boring with this phone coz ther weren't much you could do with it.Atleast i didnt know what to do.It ran linux and i couldnt any software for it and i didnt know much about mobile then.But later i found out a cool site.Its and if you have a motorola phone and ever wondered what it could do,this site is perfect for you.
You wouldnt believe what your motorola linux based phone could do.I didnt know it had such vast potential till now. There are hundreds of developers developing free apps for these phones and many new firmwares which boosts our phones capabilities.
There are forums which can help you solve your problems and there is the interesting modification and hacks sections which can be used to...what to say..hack your phone.
Pretty cool na...Just check it out:


Problem solved

After writing the previous blog i noticed that the statcounter was like a blog and so i found that it can be deleted via the 'Edit post' section.So i deleted it and everythings okay.
thanks to me

Today i totaly messed up the site.As per google's advice on using a site traffic analysis tool on my site,i added statcounter to log everythig.But i made a mistake by letting the html code to be added automatically by a tool( gigya i guess).Now the ads on the top are misaligned and everything looks awkward.
I'm trying to get it corrected.I'm a newbie to this so i dont exactly know how to dod this.i have sent a mail to the help desk at statcounter.
If anyone can help me.I'll be greatfull.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Free Magazine

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Corporate RockStar Magazine is a new lifestyle publication. The first to break the mold in redefining the lifestyle of today’s successful young professionals. Corporate RockStar Magazine will explore the dynamics of how young, hip professionals dress, party, dine, wine, work and play. We are dedicated to delivering complete in-your-face coverage of the latest Corporate RockStar trends - and providing a cutting-edge view into all of the unique aspects of today’s young professionals who live the Corporate RockStar Lifestyle.

This ones looks like a sexy one and its free.Who doesnt like free sexy stuff.So check it out:

Corporate Rockstar magazine

This online service gives you free access to NATO publications and multimedia products (DVD,Video,animations)in both electronic and print format.

You will also find an online catalogue of all NATO publications and you can subscribe to receive targeted emails on specific NATO topics of interest to you or that are published in the language of your choice.

NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is giving away cds,dvd,magz etc.I got a movie on NATO and also a mini map game.
Its interesting.So y dont u try it out:


HHMI, a non-profit medical research organization that ranks as one of the nation's largest philanthropies, plays a powerful role in advancing biomedical research and science education in the U.S. In the past two decades HHMI has made investments of more than $8.3 billion for the support, training, and education of the nation's most creative and promising scientists. The Institute commits almost $700 million a year for research and distributes $80 million in grant support for science education.

Howards Hughes Medical Institute is giving free DVDs of lecture videos and animation.its not very entertaining but u can have them in you shelves to just shows u have a dvd from a very famous institute.
Click the link:


The Good News is a FREE, full color, bi-monthly magazine that brings you the best news you can hear—and always from an interesting perspective.

Its absolutely FREE and there is no obligation. Your name will never be sold or given to another organization.

This is not just an "introductory" offer! This offer is for a FULL subscription. There is no cover price, now or ever. And, Good News mailing lists are NEVER sold or passed onto other organizations. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

I got about 5 copies by now and its nice to read go ahead:

Good News

Heres a cool little one.I havent got this yet.But i think its available worldwide.Just become an insider and you'l get a nice sticker and u may win two tickets to something.I think tickets will be useless to us as we can go their (except for some rich spoiled brats).
So go ahead and check it out:

No Fear

Celebrate the 2008 Formula One season with Shell Motorsport by collecting a new set of stickers featuring the F2008 and drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa.

Shell is giving away new sticker.2008 release.I had got 2007 release and i have just ordered the new one.You guys can also order for free
Go to this site:


Free linux CD

Ubuntu is a linux distribution for desktops, laptops and servers. It has consistently been rated among the most popular of the many GNU/Linux distributions. Ubuntu's goals include providing an up-to-date yet stable operating system for the average user and having a strong focus on usability and ease of installation.

Many of us must have heard about ubuntu.You can order as many cds as you want.I got a whole box of them along with a ubuntu box and stickers.Just go to the link given below and order:


Yes.Rupeemail pays you to read mails.Its too based on ads.After u have earned enough money you can reddem your money.They'l send you a cheque anf if its above Rs.200 you want have to give them any money for sending the cheque.Theres no harm in joining.Besides you'l earn some money.
If ur bothered about spam.go ahead and create a new mail id.It will take only a minute or 2.Try it.
So goahead and register:

Earn more money

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I found another site similar to youmint.It seems there are lots of such site.It seems that advertisements have evolved a lot.
This site is called mGinger and it also gives you money for recieving ads and adding friends.
Hompage shows list of all those who have earned so far and how much they have earned and you wont believe this,but there are guys who have earned 8000 and 9000.Guess it really works.
About mGinger:
mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform in India.
mGinger is a service providing targeted advertisements on mobile phones. The advertisements are targeted on a consumer base who have opted-in to this service. The consumer base is built through a registration process in which the consumers specify their commercial interests, maximum number of ads they would like to receive in a day, convenient time-slots and their demographic information. Apart from getting information related to their particular interests, the consumers also receive monetary incentives for every ad they themselves receive and for each ad received in their network upto two levels of referrals.

So if you want to earn money go and register.its fast and easy:


I was just wasting my time through the net when i found this.Its called Youmint and it gives you free money.The site says:
"YouMint is a unique social utility that connects you with people around you. Only real people!
YouMint pays you to invite friends and to receive SMS promos! It might just pay your Mobile bill :-)"

Actually what it does is that it gives you money for every ad u recieve through SMS and also by referring friends to it.You can earn upto Rs.220 a week and also you can earn Rs.2200 by just uplading you CV which is provided by TIMESJOB.Its can also be used to send free sms.
Just go and check this link:


Many of us would have spent time searching the net for freebies or to earn money for free.I too have spent a lot of time on it and there arent many freebies available to Indians.So after years of browsing and research i have found some sites which can help other like me.
Today onwards i'm gonna list sites which offer free goodies or maybe even some money.
Hopes this helps all u Indians.
Jai Hind