As i told before yahoo messenger is by favourite and it has been from the time i started chatting. It was said that Vista launch was a pain for yahoo whereas it was good for google. But yahoo seems to be getting through it.

Yahoo messenger for vista was launched in 5th December 2007. The product's codename was Diablo. Yahoo for vista used the aero effects and other appearance enhancement that vista offered. It was totally different from the previous version. the launched a preview version for it. Its available for download here.

Yahoo for vista has some cool features. It looks cool and there are options to change its appearance. Its look simple as it does not contain lots of options or text on it. The vista gadget allows you to know who comes online and other stuff. There is the tab feature which allows us to chat without opening a new windows for each person. Then there are the cool emoticons. They are cooler than ever.

These are just some of the features i found. To know more check this page in Yahoo groups.

I have put some screenshots here of the latest beta version: