I didn't get anything to write for some days now. The only thing i did for the past 2 or 3 days was playing with my mobile. Then i thought. Why not create a post on my mobile phone. And so this post i s dedicated to y wonderful mobile.

My mobile is actually a smartphone. Its the Motorola Motoming A1200. It was released some years back. But its still very much famous. This phone was a revolutionary one. Now its update has been released. The Motoming A1600.

The motoming PDA smartphone comes with an ultra cool transparent transparent cover to help protect the 2.4" 262K vivid color touch-screen display. This phone runs on linux. So I don't have to worry about any virus. It also comes with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera that also supports video recording. There is voice recoginition, a media player, good themes and the list goes on.

Buy this phone became my favourite not because the above features( but above features are partially the reason ), it is beacause its OS is linux.

There are very good programmers developing softwares for this OS and creating new firmwares because, as you all know, linux is free and its can be re-programmed without any legal problem. There are tons and tons of games, applications and firmwares. So i never, i say NEVER get bored with this phone. Everyday, new softwares are created.

Most of the motorola sites like motorolafans.com, modmymoto.com, mostly discuss only about motoming.

If you wanna know more features about this phone, visit motoming homepage.
Here are some screenshots of my phone: [ My phone 's body is slightly old...but its inside is still young ;) ]

Me taking pics with my phone:

Pics taken from my phone: [ The camera is my Canon Powershot A640 10 mega pixels :D ]:


Amith said...

Nice Phone.....and nice article too :)

Meryl said...

omg dis sure is a damn smart fone,,