Usually I go to sleep at 2 at night and wake up at 11 the same day. But today was different. Today my +2 ( 12th grade ) results were out. I couldn't sleep yesterday. I slept at 4 am and woke up at 9am the same day. I was not even scared while writing the exam or when 10th standard results where published.

The results was supposed to be announced at 11 am. But it was delayed and came by 11:15 am. For that 15 minutes or so my heart beat like it had never beaten before. There was an adrenaline rush all over my body. I was cold and couldn't think of any thing else other than what is going to happen with my results.

11:15am results was published. I was glad. I got 86% which others say is a good percentage. But i am not too happy. I got 93% in 10th. But this is 12th and i know it was tough and there was a little bit fault from my part too. I could have worked harder. But you know, some boys are like this. I'm a teen and i wouldn't try. But anyways the reults are good.

If your in 12th and want to know your results( Kerala DHSE 2008) visit Kerala Results.

I have provided y marks below. If you think its good, please do leave a comment and make me a little bit more happy :D

( Click to enlarge )

You have to remember that i had no grace marks(marks provided for you other activities like sports, dance etc ). I got this much mark purely by studying :D


vishnu said...

cool.. keep it up...