I found a cool new app which, as the title says, is a must have killer app for PC gamers. Its called Game Jackal Pro from SlySoft, the creator of anydvd and clonedvd and it is used to play games without inserting CD. Most games asks to insert game CD before playing them. So we prefer using No-Cd cracks which is easily available. Now there is another option.

I downloaded the software and used it just to find out what it exactly does and hows easy it is.

I downloaded it today from their site and installed the trial version. The full version costs EUR 29.00. The trial period is 21 days after which you'll have to buy it. The software looks very stylish and is rather easy to create profiles. But we need to have the original CD/DVD before creating a profile. We can choose a profile from a list of games provided which can be updated. There are two themes for game jackal pro. One is the default and the other is 'version 2'. Default has a black touch to it where as versio 2 is more attached to blue.

Another feature the parents may find useful is called the guardian control. This feature allows restrictions to be placed on game profiles. Many other features can be read from there homepage. I have given the link below.

After downloading i would say that you must have this software if you buy original game CD/DVD and if you hate pirate stuffs. Otherwise there are a lot of no-cd/dvd cracks available for download from many sites.

To download the trial version visit the link given below:

Game Jackal Pro