Many of us may have heard of downloading movies, games etc from the net. Have you ever wondered how they do it?. Do ever wanted to know how to use bittorent and how to speed torrent download speed?Then this blog posts is going to help you.

First of all you need a torrent client to download using torrent. I suggest you download BitTorrent. Then install it. You can also use other torrent clients like utorrent etc. To speed up things a little bit we have to do a procedure called port forwarding which speeds up downloading.

So lets learn how to download using bittorrent with the best options.

Step 1: You need to know your ip address

  • This is pretty simple.
  • Go to start-> Run->type cmd and press enter.( vista users just type cmd in the search bar in the start menu )
  • This will open the command prompt.
  • Type ipconfig and press enter.
  • The number given next to ipv4 is you ip address.( Click to enlarge the screenshot

Step 2: Configuring Bit Torrent
  • First of all we need to decide the right speed for downloading and uploading. Too much or too low of uploading or downloading and cause the speed to decrease.
  • The maximum upload speed should be 80% of your total upload speed.
  • And the maximum download speed should be 95% of your total speed. Some users set it to unlimited. This can slow down browsing. So if you want to browse as well as download you should keep it to just 95%.
  • Don't believe what you service provider said. You can check your internet's speed by visiting here. make sure you stop all downloading and uploading while conducting the test.
  • You can change all the above setting by going to Options->Preferences->Connection
  • At the same place, set your port number to somewhere between 40000 and 65000.
  • And uncheck ' Enable UPnP port mapping '
  • Click the image to enlarge

Step 3: Forwarding your router

If you dont know how to port forward dont get worried. Find out your router name which will be on the router itself or on the box with which it came. Then visit, and choose your router from there and detailed description on how to forward will be given there with screenshots.

I have a router from Dataone. Its model is UT300R2U. It was difficult for me to find how to port forward this one. So i will give info on how to do this. If your router is not present in then just google it. For those of you who have UT300R2U, this is how you do it:
  • First of all open your browser and type in the address bar and press enter.
  • A window will open where you will have to enter your username and password. Usually it will be admin and admin respectively.
  • The go to Advanced Setup->NAT->DMZ Host.
  • Enter the ip address you got from step one into the DMZ Host IP Address box.
  • Click save/apply
  • Thats it you done. You dont have to reboot here.
  • Restart your torrent client and start downloading.

Step 4: Making sure everything is ok

  • Open bit torrent and check if a green tick appears at the bottom middle. If a green tick appears everything is ok.
  • It ay take time for the green tick to appear. So don't worry if you don't see it as soon as you open it. Wait for it.
  • Still if a green tick doesn't appear. Go to Options->Speed Guide->Click test is port is forwarded properly.
  • If it is not forwarded properly make sure you did everything right from step 1.

Some extra tips
  • Choose the right torrent. Make sure you download a torrent with the best seed to peer ratio. The more seeds compared to the peers the better. So 100 seeds and 100 peers is better than 1000 seeds and 2000 peers. ( seeds have the complete file and are actively sharing whereas peers are downloading the file and have part of it and usually are sharing pieces also.)
  • Turn on encryption. Some internet providers block BitTorrent's communication to limit the download speed. Enable encryption if you experience slow speed.
  • Disable your windows firewall. if you have any other firewall make sure it allows bittorrent to use the net as required.
  • Last but not the least. Make sure you choose a fast connection.

Still if you have any doubts ask me or you can comment here. Please do comment on these topics.


Amith said...

I am a regular reader of this blog:) and i love this blog and the writer very much and all the articles in the blogs was very useful to me and others too. And the article on the topic "How to download using bittorent"..very useful to me as i didn't know how to download torrents