Its vacation here and i got bored chatting and blogging. I had games in my computer but i didnt play them. So i thought of playing them for sometime. And i did play. Not for sometime, but till i finished playing these games ( well not all of them actually ).

I played the famous crysis, prostreet, world in conflict and GRAW 2. And what games they where. I bought a new gaming computer only a few months back and i have never played high end games before. But these games where just amazing. And vista with its directx 10 improved the overall look and feel. I would say that you guys should play these games if you ever get a chance.
But you should need a good pc. Otherwise you wont be able to play these games with the potential it can offer.

I have some images of these games. Its very atttractive. You would want to buy them.

I finished crysis, world in conflict and GRAW 2. Now all i have is prostreet to finish. If you want to see more pics and info, just google it.