I have been using OpenDNS for sometime now and i really like it. It has given me no problems till now and i recommend you do this. It works well especially with BSNL and Airtel broadbands.

One of the major problems with BSNL Dataone Broadband connection is the DNS servers they provide by default. Most of the time they are very slow and sometimes they fail to respond. I noticed that I am starting to spend a significant amount of time in DNS resolution with Dataone connection, often it is larger than the time it takes to actually get the reponse. Here is a simple solution to significantly speed up your DNS resolution.

Open up the network connection profile and edit TCP/IP settings. In the DNS server address fields, specify the following DNS server addresses: and
Disconnect the connection and then connect again. You are done.

It's faster because it stores requests in a large cache; if you ask for the same IP address that other users have requested, OpenDNS doesn't need to look elsewhere--it has it. Make a typo--say, "netfliks.com"--and you're delivered to the correct site. Not only that, a warning appears if you reach a phishing site. You can also disable adult sites to make it safer for children.

Also try downloading and using TCP Optimizer.I used it and it improved my speed a lot. It really works. Try it and you'll know the difference.

  • Download TCP Optimizer from SpeedGuide.net.
  • Test your internet speed from Speedtest.net and note down the result.(Stop all uploading and downloading before conducting the test)
  • Tweak using the software and if you don't know what your doing just check on optimal settings and click 'Apply'.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Test your speed again from Speedtest.net and see the difference for yourself.
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