I'm back...

Monday, June 9, 2008

You must have noticed that i did not update my blog for few days now. The reason..hmmm..the reason was that i totaly thrashed my pc. Well it was not actually me. Everything started when my UPS was burned. The computer guys said they needed some time to get the components fixed. I waited the first day. Then i called them and they said that it would take 4 or 5 days to get it repaired. 5 days.. that would be like the longest time i have ever stayed without using my pc. I couldnt wait that long. I had to finish assasin's creed, flash my phone to the new firmware from Amin, blog, chat etc etc.. So i started using the computer without the ups.

I was playing assasin's creed. It was like the last level or should i say memory block when the bloody f%*#ing electricity guys switched of the power supply. As i had no ups my pc too was off.

After the electricity was back i tried to switch on the pc. Now the trouble started. I could not get my pc to start. I tried reintsalling vista and also checking the ram and all to make sure noting is damaged. After many tries i managed to install vista. But it was damn slow. Slower like i have never seen. But i somehow managed to use it. But when i tried to flash my phone the next set of errors came. I couldnt do anything. I almost bricked my phone.

So i decided to switch back to xp. And i should say. XP in my pc is much faster than vista in my pc although it doesnt have that cool looks. I think i'll stay with xp for sometime. I think i fell in love all over again ;

Anyways i would be blogging after 11th of this month. I will be going to chennai to try to get a seat in Hindustan College. Please do pray for me guys