The Firefox guys have the official announcement at and plan to release Firefox 3 on Tuesday, June 17th.

So plan your parties and download fests accordingly! If you have not registered your party yet, you probably won't get the party packs in time for the launch day. BUT, you can still plan an event over the next few weeks... so please do celebrate with us whenever you have time!

Remember, if you want an official Firefox 3 party pack with all the goodies, you need to:
1. REGISTER your event with our Mozilla Party Tool:
2. COMPLETE the Google form to verify your address:

The "official" Download Day ( will start at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET / 9pm MST. ( It will be about 11:30 pm IST )

They want as many people as possible to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Firefox 3 within 24 hours to set the record... so tell all your family and friends to sign up on the site this weekend so they get a reminder!

Download Day 2008