I have a motoming A1200 which i think is the best phone out there and so i take good care of it. But as usual i make some mistake which is natural. And so my phone as started to lose its paint here and there. So i searched the net and found one that works. Its not a scam or anything. Its called Invisible Shield by ZAGG. The best thing is that its not only for motoming but for many other gadets. I think its has its invisible shield for almost all the electronic stuff out there.

I am planing on buying one for my motoming. But its costs $24.95. So i'm waiting for my adsense cheque to arrive ;) . Hope it comes. So if you have a phone or an ipod that you want to be scratch free try this one. No one will even recognize that you have one. Thats why they have it named invisible shield.

They say that the product was developed for the military to protect the helicopter blades. I guess its true because the video by PCMAG tell this. They have shield for about 15000 gadgets and if it ever gets damaged they will replace it for life time completely free.

So if you would like to buy one visit their site:

Invisible Shield

You can check the video here:


vishnu said...

this is awesome man.. if it works its cool

Anonymous said...

what the heck is this