Why entrance exams?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Its a day of joy and great happiness to any students like me. Kerala Entrance Exam 2008 is over. Two days of intense worries and hardwork( not me ofcourse) has ended. Now all i have to worry about in All India Entrance Examination (AIEEE) and Karunya Entrance. To tell the truth i have no faith in any of these exams. But if i dont get a good result in any of this, i aint gonna get a seat in any good institution.

I ask these institutions. Why do they need entrance exams? Do they know how hard it is and what all goes through our mind when we hear that entrance exam is coming. What about those students who are great in one field while he may be weak in other subjects. This is not fair.

Those who dont get entrance have to pay lakhs of ruppes as donation to get a seat and after that we have to pay another lakh as tution fee. Then extra money to get books and other stationary items.

Its all about money and nothing else. Amrita Institution ( a very famous one) collected the question paper from the students after writing from entrance. Students have started to think wether its worth writing it. Their reason:They collected the question paper so that students cant verify how much they have got and so these institutions can say anyhting and the students cant prove that they have got so and so marks. So Amrita can give seat for money and not for students with merit.

WTF...Now say wether its fair.But ofcourse, I dont know wether this is the actual reason. If not wjy arent they saying why they collected them. They have no use with it.

So why entrance?