Oh Free Movies

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, you can get FREE MOVIE on DVD it is not some ineffective workout or gardening video that most of you do not want. It will be one of the currently better placed movies on Amazon's Movies & TV bestsellers list!

Yep. This one is my latest find. It offers free..DVDs of some of the latest movies. But theres a catch.
You just cant order it. Actually you can. But not like the others.

Theres a counter which shows some percentage. When it reaches 100% and your the first to notice it, you can order. You have to make sure you find it. Because if someone else finds, you aint gonna get it.

Sometimes the counter may be upto 1 - 2 percent everyhour or maybe 20% suddenly. You'll never know. I Am Legend is now up for grabs. When i was writing this blog the counter showed 27.82 percentage.

Shipping is free and it ships wherever amazon ships. So i guess they and amazon have some kind of deal. Anyway its free and thats all what matters to me. So check it out:

Oh Free Movies