When the firefox 3 was officially launched i was very happy. I tried to download as fast as possible. After download i found out something shocking. Firefox really made a mistake.

Even though they made the download page in spreadfirefox they forgot to change the file in the download link. The button showed firefox 3 and what we got was firefox version which was about 5mb in size( v3 is about 7mb ). After downloading only i noticed. I went back refreshes a dozen times for it to load( as i said earlier, the site was slow because of the large number of visitors ) and finally noticed that they have added the correct file.

Now i have the version 3 with me. Shame on you firefox. But i wont complain. You must have forgotten it while you guys were in a hurry.

Anyways good work Mozilla Firefox team. Cheers!!!

Luckly i made screen shots of every single page of firefox. ;)

Click to enlarge

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Eventhough the file is now really 7mb and version 3, the download button shows Strange!!!!!

It was one of my friend Vishnu who told me about the size that made me recheck it.

UPDATE: Everything is alright now. All these big record thing must have really made the guys tired :)