Download Day 2008
You must have heard of Firefox 3 right?No! Then your better of without the net. Firefox is considered has the safest and fastest browser in the world. From my personal experience, i guess its true. I have been using firefox ever since i got my net and havent had any problems till now. I find firefox user friendly that IE7. Now a new version of firefox is going to be released. The release is going to be a big hit. I mean really big.

Firefox team is trying to set a new world record by getting the most downloads a day. As a member of spreadfirefox i have to do my part. The date for launch has not yet been told. But they have put up a site for us to pledge that we would download firefox 3.

Take the pledge and make it a record and be proud to be a part in it.

Click here to take the pledge: PLEDGE NOW

To learn more about firefox 3 visit the link below:
Firefox 3

Download Day 2008


Anonymous said...

cooool site aswin.u r a genius