The fastest and safest browser in the world is going to be more safer and faster. Yes. Firefox 3 is going to be launched soon. The mozilla guys are planning parties all over the world. They are having student and others join the spread firefox team to throw parties everywhere.

I am one of the memebers of spread team. Those who join get free T-Shirts and other goodies to throw your own party and they will be providing everything possible to make it a grand one. You can conduct interviews and make a download fest at your house or anywhere.

This is what the VP of Mozilla Paul Kim had to say about firefox 3:
"Firefox 3 is the strongest version of Firefox we’ve ever built. It contains over 14,000 improvements from Firefox 2 and reflects three years of work by Mozilla project developers. Active use of Firefox 3 beta versions is roughly 4x what we saw at peak for Firefox 2 betas, and, most importantly, beta testers are sticking with Firefox 3, indicating it is already delivering a great daily experience."

We are all waiting for it Mr. Paul. All the best from every firefox fans.

For all those who want to become a member of spread firefox team. Visit the link given below:

Spread Firefox