Yep, the most awaited Service Pack for XP has been released. Its available for download ( free ofcourse ) at the Micro$oft site. XP OS was a big it when it was launched. It ran easily on computer which were made for Windows 98/2000. And it had no compatibility problem unlike Vista. I used XP for quite some time before i moved to vista. I bought a new PC which was vista compatible and never used XP since. Even though Vista is my favourite because of it style, looks and friendliness, i still like XP. The release of SP3 for XP shows that its still abudant out there.

One of the amazing thing is that, when tests where conducted, computer with XP SP3 outran Vista in speed tests. Does that mean XP is now more faster than Vista?

Well you'll have to find that yourself, because speed also depends on ur hardware. If u have a high-end system, both XP and Vista is going to run smoothly. The third service pack for Windows XP, reportedly gives the venerable OS a near 10 percent performance boost.

Still, i'm not expert in this. if you want to know more, google for it. You are going to find plenty of sites talking about XP SP3. But i can still give you the link to download them.

Download XP SP3( Direct microsoft link )

Download from Softpedia