Many experienced bloggers may already know about this.So this is for all the beginners like me.
Blogging can get you some revenue.I'm not joking.There are reports of bloggers earning $150,000 just through blogging.So heres how it works.
There are different comanies out there that are just trying to put as many ads as possible in the net.They want their product ad to appear anywhere and everywhere.So they ask $$$ companies like google etc to show their ads.And what does google and other such organisations do.They pay people with their own site for providing space in their site to add ads.You just have to sign up with such firms and paste a code they provide to your site or blog.
Whenever a reader clicks on these ads,you get paid.
I'l list down some firms which provide you money.All of them might not work for everyone.But try..So happy monetizing your blog!

Text Link Ads - The leader in paid text link ads.
LinkWorth - Keep up to 70% of the ad revenue.
Text Link Brokers - Make money buy selling links in a directory on your site.
Live Customer - Static HTML ads with flat monthly rates.
LinkAdage - Matches advertisers with publishers
Direct-Link-Ads - Keep up to 75% of the ad revenue.
PaidTextLinks - A smaller text link program.
AdSter - Customize your ads to match your website.
Vibrant Media - Vibrant in-text advertising.


Google AdSense - The industry leader.
Yahoo Publisher Network - Yahoo’s AdSense alternative.
Kanoodle - A second-tier PPC option as opposed to Google and Yahoo.
Ads-Click - You set the price per click for ads showing on your site.
AdBrite - Control and customization options.
BidVertiser - Large network PPC program.
Clicksor - Contextual ads program.
Qads - Ad program from Qumana.
RevenuePilot - Keep 60% of the revenue.
Search Feed - Another option for targeted PPC ads.
Targetpoint - For publishers of all sizes.
OneMonkey - Keep 80% of the revenue.
Miva MC - PPC ads plus the option for contextual PPD ads.
ClickBooth - Claims to have the highest payout in the industry.

Banner Ads

AdEngage - Banner ads which are different

Parked Domains

Revenue Direct - Make money from a parked domain.
Parked - Another option for parked domains.

RSS Feed Monetization

Pheedo - PPC for RSS feeds.
Feedvertising - Runs text link ads in your feed.
FeedBurner Ads - If you use FeedBurner’s services for distributing and tracking your feeds, you also have the option of using their advertising services in your feeds.
FeedShow - Puts PPC ads into your feed.
Yahoo Publisher Network - PPC ads in your feeds.