Is it a warez site or something else?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

As usuall.I was just traversing throught the net when i came upon this site.It looked very formal.
I thought it was a site like softpedia or something like that.There were different categories with tons of softwares.

I found kaspersky internet security 8.So i checked it out.And guess what, it was actually a warez site.

They had like the coolest and the latest softwares.And the best part is that its all free. Ofcourse
it illegal to download warez.

The site title is " - Software News & Download". Its really an amazing site if you want to know about the softwares and how the users rate them.

The homepage shows all the latest softwares added.Then it shows the most commented,most rated,top software news and also the recent softwares news. The site is sleek without much ads and without any adult content that you usally find in other warez site.

I would never encourage others to download warez and as my blog is about the things i find in the net..i'm writing about it. I mentioned the name of the site purely for educational purpose.

If you like any softwares you find, you should buy them so as to encourage developers to create new and updated softwares for us. Say no to warez.