Classes for the new SSLC batch will start this may. I was once in 10 ( its hard to imagine,i know ), and i know the difficulties that one face. One is mental stress. You dont know what is going to happen. Second is how to answer the questions that is going to appear for the exams.
Believe it or not the net can help you a lot for SSLC. There are lots of softwares and sites specially created to help the students.
I did a little research on my own and guess what i've found. All the links given below has been verified by me and it works.

The first link i'm going to mention contains all the question papers from 1995-1998. The files can be downloaded as pdf or it can be viewed as html. if you dont have a pdf viewer you can download it for free from this site:

After you have downloaded Adobe Reader go to the link goven below:

The second link is somewhat wierd. But it can help you do practicals. Its actually a software called Genius Maker and it can help you with drawings and conversion. I have given a screenshot of it below. I suggest you download it:

I checked it personally and its virus free( scanned with Kaspersky Internet Security ) and it works well in Vista. So it should work in XP too.So click 'Genius Maker' to get started.

Genius Maker

Next is a Kerala government site. This site contains 'Padavukal'. Its a book containing questions that may appear for the exam with details on how mark is provided to the answer and how to write the answer if such a question comes. All the teachers may be using it. So i advice that everyone download it.