I own a reat looking Motoming A1200.I have been using it for a year now.At first it was boring with this phone coz ther weren't much you could do with it.Atleast i didnt know what to do.It ran linux and i couldnt any software for it and i didnt know much about mobile then.But later i found out a cool site.Its motorolafans.com and if you have a motorola phone and ever wondered what it could do,this site is perfect for you.
You wouldnt believe what your motorola linux based phone could do.I didnt know it had such vast potential till now. There are hundreds of developers developing free apps for these phones and many new firmwares which boosts our phones capabilities.
There are forums which can help you solve your problems and there is the interesting modification and hacks sections which can be used to...what to say..hack your phone.
Pretty cool na...Just check it out: